Alignment sets

abberior alignment sets

abberior offers ready-to-image ALIGNMENT SETS for calibration and testing of fluorescence microscopes. Each set contains several microscope slides – ready-to-image- with nanoparticles and/or cell specimen.

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Our ALIGNMENT SETS enable testing and calibration of fluorescence microscopes. They contain a range of gold nanoparticles, fluorescence nanoparticles, and cell samples. The fluorescent dyes in our ALIGNMENT SETS are selected to cover the whole spectrum and can be used for a wide range of laser lines in confocal and superresolution STED microscopes.

The abberior AUTOALIGNMENT slide is a ready-to-image slide for alignment of abberior microscopes that are equipped with AUTOALIGNMENT functionality.

  • Super-easy to use
  • For checking aligment and performance of your microscope

Ensure the best imaging conditions