Mounting media

abberior mounting media

abberior offers different embedding media in order to perfectly prepare your sample for imaging, while keeping its structure intact. Minimize aberrations and maximize performance!

optimal optical conditions

abberior MOUNT

perfect embedding

abberior MOUNT embedding media are embedding media with a refractive index in the range of 1.38. They are very convenient in terms of application and are a perfect match for imaging. Note that, due to evaporation of contained water and polymerization of the embedding medium, the refractive index can change over time.

abberior TDE

perfect index matching

abberior TDE mounting media are 2,2′-thiodiethanol based embedding media with refractive indices in the range of 1.408 – 1.518. For many applications, abberior TDE mounting media are superior to aqueous embedding media. Especially for demanding applications such as 4Pi microscopy, 3D STED microscopy or isoSTED microscopy, embedding that is perfectly matched to the refractive index of immersion oil because the refractive index will stay constant over time.

  • Perfect media for refractive index matching
  • Substantially improves signal and resolution
  • Minimizes optical aberrations

Always a perfect match